I use a collaborative, active learning approach, whether teaching undergraduate or graduate students, or developing and delivering professional training to non-profit organizations and agencies.  My courses draw on real-world case examples relevant to students and professionals, and encourage them to think beyond their day-to-day work to address broader structures and policies that affect health and drive health inequities.

Queens College, Urban Studies Dept.

  • U.S. Health Services and Policy (undergraduate)

Brooklyn College, Dept. of Health and Nutrition Sciences

  • Principles of Health Science (writing-intensive introduction to public health principles and social determinants of health) (Undergraduate)

Hunter College, School of Urban Public Health

  • Health Policy Analysis (MPH)

  • Public Health and Health Care Policy and Management (MPH)



Region 2 Public Health Training Center: Strategies to Advance Health Equity

These online modules train front-line health department workers in core health equity concepts, and actions they can take to advance health equity in their own work. All modules are available through the TRAIN Learning Network.

  • How Health Departments Can Promote Living Wages

  • How Health Departments Can Protect the Health of Immigrants

  • How Health Departments Can Promote Educational Equity

  • Understanding and Influencing Corporate Practices of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Food and Beverage Industries to Promote Health

  • How Health Departments Can Use Countermarketing to Combat Tobacco, Alcohol and Unhealthy Food

  • How Health Departments Can Grow a Healthy Public Food Sector